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Join Our Network of Community Partners That Are Helping Patients Access Specialty Medications for Complex Conditions

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy partners with organizations and health clinics within the community to help patients financially, emotionally, and physically. When patients receive the medications they need and are able to adhere to the treatment plan, they’re able to improve their health and maintain their quality of life.

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Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy is a Proud 340B Partner

To help community partners stretch the healthcare dollar to help underserved populations, Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy offers regulatory compliance assistance as a 340B Program partner. Through this federal program, eligible health clinics are able to purchase discounted medications for vulnerable patient groups to reinvest savings in expanding services. This means more patients are able to adhere to their treatment plans and achieve better health.

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Every aspect of our service offering is geared to removing the obstacles to patients accessing the medications they need and staying on their treatment plans. Free at-home delivery, regular follow-up with patients, and connecting patients with programs that reduce copays are part of how we do it. Add in one-on-one patient education consultations and end-to-end prior authorization processing, and you have the Rosemont Pharmacy formula to improving patient outcomes. Learn more about our programs:

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Specialty Pharmacy Delivery

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Patient Management

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Co-Pay Assistance

Learn more about how Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy provides financial assistance to patients.

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