340B Drug Program

About the 304B Drug Program

The federal 340B Drug Program helps underserved populations to gain access to the medications they need through manufacturer discounts offered to qualifying healthcare organizations. Being able to obtain specialty medications, often high in cost, at a 340B discount — as much as 50% off wholesale pricing — enables hospitals to provide affordable treatment for vulnerable patients with complex, chronic conditions

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy Forms Partnerships

As a 340B contract pharmacy, Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy partners with eligible , nonprofit organizations, and health clinics participating in the 340B Drug Program. As your 340B contract pharmacy patients will receive the comprehensive care that only Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy offers with our patient and clinical programs.

We Help Eligible Entities Comply with 340B Drug Program Regulations

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy has an in-depth understanding of the complex regulatory requirements associated with providing medications at 340B prices. We offer compliance assistance to healthcare organizations to ensure that these medications are being provided to eligible patients, through participating clinics, and for the appropriate conditions. We do this by conducting detailed verification checks for each discounted medication and maintaining documentation according to auditing requirements as well as your healthcare organization’s needs.

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