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Who We Serve


I’m a patient managing a rare or chronic condition.

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I’m a physician treating a patient with a rare or chronic disease.

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I’m a payer looking to work with an efficient and cost-effective pharmacy.

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I want to add Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy to my network of limited distribution pharmacies.

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Community Partners

I want to partner with Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy to help patients in my area.

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I’m a payer looking to work with an efficient and cost-effective pharmacy.

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Our Provider to Patient Process

Streamlining the specialty medication prescription process. From prescription order to your door in 7 simple steps.

1. Prescription Receipt and Confirmation.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy receives the prescription directly from your doctor, then communicates with your doctor’s office to confirm the prescription and to verify any special instructions.

2. Benefits Investigation.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy determines to what extent your insurance plan covers your specialty prescriptions.

3. Prior Authorization Assistance.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy assists the Physicians and Patients if prescription requires prior authorization.

4. Consultation.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy clinicians consult with you and provide educational resources about your condition and your medications that complement and enhance your treatment plan.

5. Financial Assistance.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy helps patients locate co-payment assistance, if needed.

6. Delivery.

Your prescription arrives at your doorstep, right on time.

7. Ongoing Patient Care.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy clinical care coordinators work directly with you to provide ongoing support, monitoring, and education throughout your treatment process.

Explore Our Programs

Patient Management

We provide personalized attention and support to make sure your treatment plan is clear and easy to follow.

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Co-pay Assistance

At Rosemont, we help patients find necessary financial assistance, so they can focus on their number one priority: their health.

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340B Program

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy partners with, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and health clinics.

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What People are Saying

When another pharmacy wanted to charge me $1500 co-payment, Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy helped me find a co-payment assistance program so I could afford and continue my Hepatitis C treatment. They have gone above and beyond as a pharmacy.

Robert J., Patient

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy brings healthcare back to friendly and completely caring.

Richard B., Patient

Great pharmacy and the staff always delivers optimal customer service.

Adismary S., Patient

Rosemont is an amazing pharmacy! Delivery is very good and excellent customer service when I call. They are always willing to help me.

Teresita M., Patient

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy has become a partner in the care we provide. The services and compassionate staff offer our patients the individualized attention they need, which has helped us improve patient outcomes.

Maria G., Nurse

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy has transformed how I now see life. With the compassion of treating me as a person, rather than someone with an illness, I have been able to improve my health. They have found solutions when I thought there were none.

F.C., Patient