Fast, Free, and Confidential Delivery of Specialty Medications

Benefits of Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy Delivery

Delivery makes it easier to get your specialty medications on time.
  • Improved treatment adherence
  • Automated refills
  • Saves patients time and money spent on transportation costs
  • Delivery available to provider office, or to patient’s home or office
  • Mail option available for eligible patients

How We Ensure Temperature Safety

For some medications, a specific temperature has to be maintained for safety and effectiveness. At Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy, we handle temperature sensitive medications with extreme care. Refrigerated and frozen items are stored and delivered in closed containers with non-toxic ice packs. We use cutting-edge sensor temperature indicating labels which monitor the temperature of medications throughout delivery warning the patient if it goes out of range. In addition, we conduct testing on days with different outdoor temperatures as part of our quality assurance and improvement program. Through these protocols, we are able to ensure that deliveries reach you as specified by the manufacturer. Contact us to learn more about home and office specialty medication delivery.

Follow the Path of Your Specialty Medication

We make sure your prescriptions arrive on time, so you never miss a dose. Learn how your specialty medications get to your doorstep.  

Prescription Receipt.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy receives the prescription directly from your doctor via e-scribe, fax, or phone call.


Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy communicates with your doctor’s office to confirm the prescription and to verify any special instructions.

Benefits Investigation.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy communicates with your health insurance company to determine to what extent your insurance plan covers your specialty prescriptions.

Prior Authorization Assistance.

Rosmont specialty pharmacy staff will assist your healthcare provider to obtain prior authorization for your specialty medications, If necessary.


Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy clinicians consult with you and provide educational resources about your condition that complement your treatment plan.

Financial Assistance.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy helps patients locate financial assistance, if needed.


Your prescription arrives at your doorstep, right on time.

Ongoing Patient Care.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy clinical care coordinators work directly with you to provide ongoing support and education throughout your treatment process.

Have Questions About Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy Delivery?

If you’re interested in receiving your specialty medications through Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy, or to learn more about our delivery services or schedule a delivery, please get in touch. Call us at +1 877-592-7988.