Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy is committed to providing efficient and effective pharmacy services for you as well as your patients. We ensure that your patients get the training, education, and support they need to administer their medications and stick to their therapy plan. Whether you need a prior authorization or help creating a medication regimen for your patient, our goal is to make sure the right services and medications are available whenever and wherever they may be needed.

Get the resources you need for prescription medication coverage determinations, exceptions, and appeals. You can submit prior authorization requests electronically or by phone (1-877-592-7988) or fax (407-822-1921) to the pharmacy.

Eligibility and benefits inquiries
We assist you and your patients with verifying eligibility, including coverage verification and we help determine information such as the patient's co-pay required, co-insurance and deductible amounts.

As part of our comprehensive approach to customer service, we assign reimbursement specialists who ensure that claims are completed and filled in a timely manner. We also help your patients maximize coverage while minimizing the out-of-pocket expenses by offering a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s benefits.

Referral Forms
Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy provides you with custom disease specific referral forms to make prescriptions a breeze. Simply download the PDF forms located here, type or print the necessary information and fax back to 407-822-1921.
Female Doctor In Surgery Reading Patient Notes