Hands with pills and glass of water isolated on white Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy can handle complex medical conditions while providing specialized patient and clinical support to ensure that each person we help receives the best care possible, resulting in comprehensive HIV and HEP C adherence services to our patients. "Treatment adherence” is a fancy phrase that means taking your medications when and how you are supposed to. Adherence is extremely important because it affects how well your medications decrease your viral load. The lower your viral load, the healthier you are likely to be. Treatment adherence is generally regarded as an important factor in achieving optimal outcomes for many conditions.

At Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy, our goal is to optimize our patients' health and the outcomes of their medication plans in order to reach their health and wellness goals. Our experienced and compassionate staff offers consultation, support, and the individualized attention you need no matter what medication you have been prescribed. Our team is specially trained in HIV and Hepatitis C and can answer to all of your health care needs.

Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to your health. We understand that facing severe health issues causes physical and emotional stress. We not only provide the latest medications to treat and manage a chronic disease but we work directly with each patient to support and advocate for every journey towards recovery and health.

Together working with patients, their providers and service organizations, Rosemont Specialty Pharmacy has solutions to assist patients in reaching their goals through adherence management.

Our specialty pharmacy works alongside medical professionals to provide our patients with:

  • Detailed and easy to understand instructions on how to take each medication your receive

  • Research-based information about the potential side effects you may encounter with each medication

  • Tips on how to manage possible any side effects

  • Availability to adjust your medication's dosage with the guidance of your prescriber in order to provide the most effective treatment plan possible

  • Patient Education regarding your disease state

  • Bubble Packaging


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